Walking around Vancouver

There is plenty we need to do, like going to the bank and all that boring stuff but since it was sunday we had the day to do as we pleased. So we decided it was time to explore the streets surrounding our new home. The whole day I dont think we ventured more than 3 or 4 blocks (in one direction! the other direction has window shopping… Prada, Louis Vuitton ect) and this is what we found…

A few blocks away from home we came across this! What a strange street market … I have no idea where the people selling the stuff get it from in the first place! bins? It was certainly was a street that you held your camera a little tighter!

I was super excited to discover this Asian supermarket… its larger than your average woolworths in Aus!!! I am doing at least half our shopping here from now on for sure!
What could be better than an asian supermarket?… an asian $2 shop next to it!!! And when they say $2 sho they actually mean it… EVERYTHING was $2, except maybe a few things that were $1.25! It was cuteness overload!
So surprise surprise we had found ourselves in chinatown.

Around the corner from the chinese gardens we found a little exhibition of local artists.

Next to the exhibition space was the cutest vintage shop. Every detail had so much attention and such a great range of items. I fell in love with a little yellow dress.
All this walking means its time for lunch, and what an interesting and sweet place we found. It was a deli/groceries/restaurant. They made everything from scratch at the place, even the pasta and it was YUM!
The rest of the day we spent wondering through asian shops, giggling at the random, weird and wonderful things we found. Honestly some of the stuff in those shops… who buys that stuff?!? Yet we stumbled upon a couple of great kitchen places, one even stocked Alessi!

Of course I didn’t take the photos that I’m in, thank you to simon for those… lucky I am posting this and not him or I am sure all the photos of me being silly in the shops would be added too!