Trying New Things: Candy!

cute chinese type

I did my usual browse of the isle ends at the supermarket where they always put the sale items as I headed to pick up the items that were actually on my list. Nope this cute mailbox full of candy wasn’t on my grocery list but it was super cute and so into my basket it went, it definitely brightened up the other wise boring contents of eggs, chicken and milk.

The packaging said nothing more than fruit candy which was actually a sticker stuck onto the packaging as the rest was in what I assume is chinese. Well fruit candy has to be better than lotus seed candy right? Yep, it was, however my first candy tasted more like cola than any sort of fruit, with sherbert inside… do you know any fruits that fizz? Well my next candy was a better match to the description, strawberry I think it was… and now I shall go and enjoy my sugar high!

cute chinese lollies