Suddenly Jobless… What Next?

snow day in vancouver - winter outfit

One day you think you have the most amazing job in the whole world.

Then another day you find yourself jobless, feeling weirdly relieved to be packing up your things and moving on…

snow day in vancouver - winter outfit

The surprise of being jobless on a Tuesday isn’t something I think anyone prepares for. I’m sure everyone questions if they are in the right place from time to time, but making the decision to actually jump ship is usually HUGE.

“Well that escalated quickly” would probably be the perfect caption for Tuesday morning.

There is no need for details here, I picked up my belongings and gladly moved forwards… and forwards is exactly the way I plan to keep going.

This week is going to be full of brainstorming and getting ideas in writing… and of course going through all those photos I never got time to post! Here are a few from a snowy day a few weeks ago.

snow day in vancouver - winter outfit


jacket : ONLY

sweater : Old Navy

pants : Michael Kors

socks : H&M

boots : The North Face