Simple Office Style

Simple Office Style

Keeping office style simple and fun

I’m one of those few people who actually loves a good office outfit, but I also like to have some fun with my work clothes, balancing black basics with colourful prints guarantees to bring some cheer to any day.

Does anyone like coming back from holiday? I highly doubt it, but we try to distract ourselves from it by finding comfort in the things we know… like a comfy bed, your own wardrobe full of clothes and the pleasure of a home cooked meal.

Being back in my home city also made me feel a lack of inspiration for photos, so Simon and I set ourselves a challenge. The challange is to photograph every piece of public art in downtown Vancouver. I finally found myself a

map of all the pieces

, turns out this challenge might be bigger than we first thought, so get ready for an overload of Vancouver’s public art because we are including everything, the good the bad and the plain boring.

The challange is being kicked of with this giant red ring, which is actually a gear from what was the second Cambie Bridge.

It was installed in 1987 to commemorate the designers and builders of the many bridges across False Creek.

It’s kind of fun to know what it actually is, and that there used to be a swing bridge.

Simple Office Style


earrings : Expressions (The Bay) – a total score at $2.80

blazer : Banana Republic

dress : Hallhuber Donna

stockings : H&M these stockings are so cheap, I keep a backup pair in my handbag, but they don’t last long.

heels : Froever 21, probably the only thing I have ever bought from F21 and I’m actually pleasantly surprised.

lipstick : YSL Rouge Volumpte in Extreme Coral – this has been a favourite for years, I reach for it every summer.