Side Swept Lacebraid Hair tutorial

If curls are involved you know its going to be a good hair day!

The hairstyle is simple but it feels special and it works for everything from laid back weekends to romantic dates.

lace braid updo romantic hair tutorial

1. Diagonally section of the top half of your hair and secure out of the way.

2. Section some hair from just behind the ear and braid it back diagonally, but only add hair from the top to create a lace braid.

3. Once you have braided the whole way across secure with a small elastic.

4. Pull the braid to loosen it up and make it larger, Work slowly and carefully to get the best results, adding hairspray if your hair is too slippery.

5. Curl the remaining hair however you like. I used my NuMe curling wand with the 1″ attachment and then pinned the curls until they have cooled. This helps the curls last all day.

6. Set your curls with hairspray. I used a medium hold so that the curls still had some flex and movement to them.

7. Pin the top half of your hair, adjusting it until it falls how you like.

8. Twist the remaining hair to the side and secure with a bobby bin. Finish with a mist of hair spray.