review and test: Benefit POREfessional

Benefit Pore Fessional primer review and test

Hands up who hasn’t heard of Benefits POREfessional primer? Yeah thats what I thought, everyone knows it, and if you don’t ‘what planet have you been living on?!’ just kidding. Everyone seems to love it, so I finally purchased the small tube of it. I have had it for about 3 weeks and I’m already getting very worried that I’ll be running out soon!

I actually thought it wasn’t worth the hype the first few times I used it, but then you realize the magic powers this product possesses.

Well without further ado here are my thoughts on this much coveted product

Benefit Pore Fessional primer review and test

Benefit Pore Fessional primer review and test

So on the left you can see that it has really made my skin look much smoother, I also notice that it evens out the colour in my skin just a touch. I have no foundation on in this photo, just my moisturizer which had been applied about an hour beforehand. Under my eye also looks much better in the after shot, but I’m sorry to say that thats no due to the wonders of this product, its just worse on my left side… if someone can recommend a miracle worker that great then please share your secret.

The Product:

Benefit POREfessional pore minimizing balm


$37 CAD or $12 for the mini (you don’t save any money buy buying the larger one)

What it claims to do:

Quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin!

Does it deliver:

Mostly. I love applying this, its just so smooth and silky. As you can see from my photos is has visible effects. My foundation goes on so well over it and even though I don’t have a huge problem with oil I did notice that my skin stays quite matte for most the day. My only problem is I feel like I have to use more of this than I do of other products to get great results, So I tend to reserve it for days when my makeup really matters.

Would I buy it again

: Yes, but there are so many others out there that are just as good.

Benefit Pore Fessional primer review and test

Benefit Pore Fessional primer review and test

And here is a photo with my makeup finished. Below is a list of the ingredients, I been becoming more fascinated with what each of these long (and usually hard to pronounce) words actually is. So I have given some quick descriptions of the first half of the ingredients. Yes there might be research that suggests some of these ingredients are ones you may want to avoid, but remember, everything in moderation and you can the best of both worlds.

ingredient sheet Benefit Pore Fessional primer review and test