Quick DIY Jewellery Display

Space is definitely limited in my new apartment which means I can’t have a lovely dresser where I can keep a jewellery box and other such displays of my precious pieces! After months of keeping my jewellery in a box my wallet had come in it was definitely time to come up with a better solution. In my imagination I had dreamed up a lovely crisp white side table that was so slim it was almost an illusion, on this table was a stand that held my necklaces and a mirrored box that contained rings and maybe a white vase that could hold a single rose… oh how pretty it would be! But reality kicked in and I needed a quick and cheap fix, so here it is.

A bunch of push pins and some coat hangers in whatever finish you desire is all you need.  Now arrange the coat hangers how you like and hang them on the pins. You could try overlapping them unevenly or you could opt for something more symmetrical. Now Hang your loveliest pieces on display and out of harms way.