One The Menu //3

on the menu 1

I think asparagus, brussels sprouts & grapes were the key players in this weeks meals… mainly because thats what was leftover in the fridge. But for anyone that says they don’t like brussels sprouts, man you are missing out! I never recall eating them growing up (I guess my mum just never cooked them) but I have been so into them this past year.

I served the

sauteed brussels sprouts

as an appertizer. They were super quick to make and soo tasty. I haven’t tried any other recipes from the

Elephants and the Coconut trees

blog but there is some tasty looking stuff for weeknight meals.

This was pretty much the only exciting breakfast we had this week, well except for gingerbread pancakes a few mornings ago when I had a sweet tooth.

on the menu 2

Has anyone made candy canes before? They were so much fun but they sure do look homemade… all wonky and different shapes and sizes. I’m pretty sure my hands will never be the same again, I was silly enough to not bother with gloves… you know because I’m tough like that!

Let me know if you want the recipe and I’ll put a post together for it.

on the menu 3

Sometimes you just need steak and veg for dinner! Or at least I do, my boyfriend on the other hand never asks for steak, its always me craving a big chunk of meat, haha. This dinner was thrown together after a long day out shopping.

I like my meat medium rare, 55c -60c to be exact. There are plenty of ways to cook a steak but here is how I do mine – Get your pan super hot with some oil in it, salt both sides of the meat and then chuck it in the smoking pan. Flip the meat regularly so it gets little bursts of heat on each side. When you have given it a few minutes of turning, stick a thermometer into the thickest part to see if its ready. I spruced up the mash by adding mayonnaise and chopped chives. The brussels sprouts idea is from

Nutrition Stripped

, they were delicious.

Continuing with the grape theme I tried out a recipe I found for pork chops and grapes but for the life of me I can’t find the same recipe again.

Pizza and a movie, such a classic combo, and a great way to use up any random ingredients that are lying around int he fridge at the end of the week.