My Evening Skincare

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My evening skincare routine : fresh beauty, clarisonic, oz naturals

My skincare routine changes a lot, but with spring here I have refreshed it and taken it back to the basics. So here is my fuss free current evening go to products…

My evening skincare routine : fresh beauty, clarisonic, oz naturals

If I have makeup on I will remove that first then I use

Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser

with my

Clarisonic Mia

. I really can’t get over how the Clarisonic manages to remove makeup that I thought I had already got rid of. The Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is very gentle, smells amazing and gives a slight moisture boost to the skin. Sometimes I use a toner sometimes I don’t, recently I have been skipping that step.

OZ Naturals' Super Youth Eye Gel Review

This is the newest addition to my sincere routine, OZ Naturals Super Youth Eye Gel. It feels so soothing to apply and has a fresh natural smell (which I believe is coming from the aloe vera in it). The ingredient list is packed full of natural ingredients and 75% of them are organic too. Even though this is a newbie in my bathroom cabinet I’m already really enjoying it.

my skincare routine

Lastly I apply moisturizer and a lip balm. This

Neutrogena multi-vitamin moisturizer

is light and full of natural ingredients (and easy on the budget). The

Sugar advanced therapy

lip treatment from Fresh has to be one of my favourite products to keep my lips happy.

Thats it… like I said, I have been keeping it simple this month. I also add a face mask or two throughout the week and exfoliate a couple of time a week as well.

Whats your skincare routine like? Have you tried any of these products?

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