Little Life Box March Review

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Little life box march 2015 review | Canadian subscription box

I don’t think I need to repeat myself about how excited I was to receive last months box. This month I eagerly awaited my second box. I was checking the mail everyday, and when it hadn’t arrived by the 17th I emailed the guys at little life box. I was so surprised to have a reply first thing in the morning (I had sent the email at midnight) letting me know where it was at. Turns out it had arrived that day. But I just wanted to say that their customer support is great.
canadian subscription box: little life box march 2015 review

And just in case you don’t know what Little Life Box is, its a Canadian subscription box that ships monthly across the country. Inside you will find it filled to the brim with healthy lifestyle items, such as snacks, vitamins, skincare and more. It costs $19.95 + $3.95 shipping and you save a few extra dollars if you purchase a longer subscription.

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canadian subscription box: little life box march 2015 review

How about the tissue, and the matching postcard. Its always all in the details for me.

canadian subscription box: little life box march 2015 review

canadian subscription box: little life box march 2015 review

VIRAGE SANTÉ Lalma Detox Herbal Tea


I am a huge tea drinker of pretty much every variety, I love a cup in the afternoon. At first I wasn’t excited about this at all… I think it was something to do with how boring the packaging is and that it took me forever to work out what it was exactly, So a note to the company… work on your packaging! But now that I have had a better look, I’m looking forwards to trying these.

Herbamare Sodium-free


I actually got really excited when I saw this. I remember always having vegetable salt in the house as a kid, and I remember it being very tasty. I have no idea if this is the same brand but I really hope it is as delicious as it is in my mind.

canadian subscription box: little life box march 2015 review

Beanfields Nacho chips


I always used to dislike corn chips, but ever since Simon got me hooked on Doritos dipped in cottage cheese my mind has been changed. So I’m going to hold onto these until there is a tub of cottage cheese in the house to go with them.



So last month I had this companies chocolate coconut chips and they were AMAZING. These ones however are savoury… and I haven’t yet decided how they sit with me. The spices and flavour is very intense. I think they will make a great topping for salads as on their own they have me reaching for a bottle of water pretty quick.

Made Good Chocolate chip granola bar


This will be going in my bag next time we head out for a hike. It looks so tasty.

canadian subscription box: little life box march 2015 review

Mrs Crimbles Choc Macaroons


The packaging is so cute and so is the macaroon inside, but let me make one strong suggestion… eat the macaroon with a cup of tea! It is so sweet that you need a nice cuppa to balance it out.

canadian subscription box: little life box march 2015 review

Herbion Kids cough syrup


This annoyed me. They included a card that said ‘if you don’t have kids, why not gift this to someone who does’. Well I don’t have kids and I also don’t know anyone who does (not on this side of the world anyway). I feel like they shouldn’t include things that are specifically for children unless you have the option to tailor your box to a kids or no kids household.

A.Vogel Beauty Essentials


So excited to give these a try, I have my fingers crossed that these help with all that is promised and if they do then I will be buying more for sure. Also very impressed that this is a full sized product. I feel like vitamin samples are such a waste because you really need to be consistent with taking them.

Orange Naturals Adult Multi


Another full sized vitamin! Ok so this box may not of seemed as exciting as last months due to its lack of chocolate but it is packed with some serious value. I have started taking these right away.
canadian subscription box: little life box march 2015 review

Abio Rose Bath Bomb


My favourite pick from this box.

I sunk into my hot bath after a long run, dropped in this little bath bomb and was instantly whisked away to somewhere that smelt amazing and felt luxurious. This little gem may be small but it filled my whole apartment with the most gorgeous rose scent. At the end of my (kind of long, ok over an hour long) bath my skin was silky smooth.

Just a warning though… alert everyone in your house that the tub IS VERY SLIPPERY. Luckily my other half is used to me turning the bath into some sort of slippery death trap and puts up with it… so long as I remind him not to slip.

And on a side note, dish soap works wonders for cleaning oils out of the bath when your bathroom cleaner just doesn’t cut it.

canadian subscription box: little life box march 2015 review

Néolia Hydra-Agerelief Soap


At first I was offended because on the box it states ‘for mature skin’ and I was like ‘well great so they assume I am a middle aged woman with a house full of kids!’. But I got over that. And one can never have to much soap… Yep I’m hoarding it like its going out of fashion.

Montagne Jeunesse Mud Mac


I LOVE face masks so I was very pleased to see this.

MAX/Effects Naturals 2in1 EYE and FACE Makeup Remover


I have actually been trying and comparing a few makeup removers this month so it will be fun to have another one to add to the


canadian subscription box: little life box march 2015 review

When I first opened this box I was a little underwhelmed, but maybe that was just because I was hungry and there was a lesser amount of food this time, because on further inspection I’m actually pretty happy with this box. But there are a lot of things I can’t give instant feedback on such as all the vitamins. The only item I don’t like is the cough syrup and my favourite is the bath bomb.

This months box came in with a

value of  $76.40

so I’m more than pleased with that.