How to Make your Home Smell Good

10 ways to make your house home smell good

1. Burning incense will fill your home with lovely smells plus it means you get to have a cute little incense holder around.

2. Burning scented candles is another great way to add some sweet smells to your home, as a bonus candles create a lovely atmosphere. Try beeswax or soy candles for a longer burn time.

3. If you choose the right fresh flowers they will not only give a fresh a beautiful touch to your home they will also make it smell great too. Try floating some frangipanis or gardenias in a bowl of water.

4. Oil burners are a great way to gently spread the scent of essential oils around your home.

5. Mix your favourite essential oil with some water in a spray bottle, now you can use this to spray around your home for a quick re-fresh of the space.

6. Save any citrus peels and pop these down your garbage disposal for a fresh zesty aroma.

7. Hiding bowls of white vinegar in the corners of rooms will absorb and neutralise any not so pleasant odours.

8. Take a large lemon and slice it in half.  Remove the insides, and fill with coarse salt.  Put it in the back of your refrigerator and it will absorb those funky smells.

9. Don’t forget to open up your windows to allow some fresh air to circulate, its amazing how often I forget to do this in winter.

10. Simmer a bot of water with your favourite spices in it. You can find some

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