How to get Organised for 2014


The new year is almost upon us and everyone is setting their new years resolutions, Do you have yours? I actually haven’t set any for this year, or at least none of the typical ‘I’m going to lose weight’ or ‘I’ll eat healthier’ etc. But I am going to set myself up for an organised year, with lots of fun and new things happening.

So here is my list of how to make sure the year starts of fresh, clean and organized… and hopefully we can keep the whole year that way too.

Of course everyone is different and how someone does something won’t work for everyone. But I like things to be written down and for there to be a routine I can stick to… like cleaning on Sundays, its just the way I do it. But hey if that doesn’t work for you then you probably know what does, so all you have to do is be organized in a way that suits you, or maybe be unorganized if thats what floats your boat… I’m not judging.


Everything is easier to do when you have a clean space. Cooking in a clean kitchen is a joy, getting creative in a clean space is fun and just generally being is easy when you don’t have the drag of mess and clutter around.

So set yourself up for success by starting the year with clean home. To help keep your home clean write up a cleaning schedule, like I said, its all about finding one that works for you. Maybe you work best by breaking the cleaning down so that it can be completed in daily 15 minute chunks or maybe doing it all in one hit on sunday is your style. I’ll be sharing my schedule soon, but a great place for some inspiration is


. The other thing that should start the year clean is your computer and phone. Clean up your desktop, run a virus scan, get rid of old e-mails and texts.


Time to get EVERYTHING organised. And by everything I mean the backs of your draws and cupboards through to your computer and phone. Its not just your home that needs to be organised anymore, your virtual spaces need to be maintained too.

Starting the year with a fresh organised slate is like getting a head start. Keeping things organised throughout the year will be less of a chore so long as you keep on top of it from the start.

Add organising things like draws and computer files to your monthly cleaning schedule to make sure you keep on top of it.

The beginning of the year is a great time to back-up all of last years photos, make sure they are organised and maybe even print a few One of my favourite thing is to create a photo book.


Make a plan – How are you going to achieve your new years resolutions? How are you going to keep organised? How are you going to enjoy this year?

I’ll be sharing my planners with you soon, but there is a a million planners and apps out that are tailored to just about anything, all you have to do is find them.

Try planning your meals, this means that dinner isn’t a stress, you have the ingredients on hand and you might find your grocery bill goes down too.

Plan Holidays and Birthdays well in advance, for example if you have birthdays coming up in the next few months why not grab their presents in the sales now, it will probably also save you a few dollars too.


Everyone needs a bit of inspiration. For everything and anything and the places you can find inspiration are endless. Sticking with your goals for the year can get tough, life gets busy and you forget things or are too tired. So don’t forget to recharge your inspiration, whatever that means to you. For me going shopping is often a huge inspiration, shop windows are full of magical displays and creative ideas, plus people watching while you take a break at a cafe is also fun. Pinterest seems to be everyones favourite for diet and fitness inspiration. And if you need some inspiration for what to cook then I love