Favourite Photos of 2013

I thought it would be tough to pick just a few photos that were my favourite from the past year, but I actually found quite difficult to find just a few that were worthy of the title ‘Favourite Photos’. So I think that means I should try a lot harder this year to take better photos.

Vancouver in Fog

There was a whole week in January where a layer of fog sat low of Vancouver. I noticed a lot of great photos popping up at the time. This is the view I had from our bedroom, I must say I throughly enjoyed the fog… it beats flat grey cloud!

picnic at Lynn Canyon, Vancouver, BC

We are still working on our non existent hiking skills, but we did enjoy quite a few walks throughout the year. This is at Lynn Canyon, we had a little picnic lunch on the rocks and chilled our drinks in the icy water.

Vancouver Art Gallery Date

This is one of those selfie happy snaps that just happened to turn out perfectly. We were on our to the Vancouver Art Gallery.


This photo turned out way better than I had expected considering both ships were moving. This Princess cruise ship had been following as all day and finally after about 6 hours overtook us, it was like a turtle race.

Glacier Bay, Alaska

We were lucky to see such a stunning display of ice calving in Glacier Bay, Alaska. Catching the ice as it fell was another matter all together. The photo after this one is of the huge splash the ice created.

Blueberry Picking in Ladner, BC

This was the most wonderful summer day. It was the perfect temperature, we had delicious ice cream and then we ate copious amounts of blueberries, what could be better.

Dewy spiders web macro

Its been a while since I used my macro lens for its true purpose. I was wondering around on my own with a tripod and camera on a foggy morning just looking for something to photograph, then I spotted a spider web. I got all set up (kinda climbed up into the gardens), then suddenly I noticed there wasn’t just one web… there were hundred, that took me by surprise.

Sunset over Vancouver

This was one of those late summer lazy afternoons where you know you need to savour every bit of warmth because winter is on its way.