DIY : Create Extra Wardrobe Space

DIY extra hanging space for jeans

I have the smallest wardrobe EVER! OK maybe not ever but it is presenting me with some serious storage issues, granted I am pretty sure this place was designed for one person to live in not two people… much less two people who are both very fond of clothes. We have been here for 2 months now and I am STILL trying to work out where to put some of my clothes and Simons rather large collection of jeans (for now we just have stupidly high piles of clothes stacked on the one tiny shelf in the one tiny wardrobe).

It took me all of about 2 seconds to realise I was going to have to get creative in finding a way to store our clothes… unless of course I wanted to just have piles of clothing on the floor! but thats just not my style.

So when you run out of wardrobe space why not just turn the whole hallway into a wardrobe (walkthrough wardrobe anyone?) genius right? so off to the hardware store and Ikea to grab supplies to make a denim hanging rail: Simple and cheap, It cost me $15.50

what you need

• Dowel the length you want the hanging rail

• Curtain rod holders – I used the Betydlig ones from Ikea

• Screws and plugs (appropriate for the wall you will be attaching it to)

• Drill (with appropriate drill bit for the wall)

• Hooks – the ones shown ended up being to small so I used shower curtain hooks from Dollarama

1. Measure everything up and mark where you will attach the curtain rail holders. Then attach and assemble curtain rail holders as per instructions in the box. A couple of things to keep in mind: If you are drilling near a powerpoint or light switch you will need to check which way the wires are going and you want to attach these to studs or you could end up with a very large hole torn in your wall (unless of course your attaching to concrete)

DIY Denim Rail

DIY denim rail

2. Insert your dowel, you might want to sand the ends if the cut is a little rough.

3. Hang your jeans with the hooks/shower curtain holders! Ta-Da!

diy expand your closet and create more hanging space

Haha yep that my one pair of jeans on the end, the rest are Simons and thats not even counting the ones that were left back in Aus… I think he might have a slight addiction, but shhhh don’t say I said that 😉

denim rail DIY