Country Walks and Long Weekends

country walk outfit - Pitt Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Let the long weekend begin…

Long weekends are like a bonus round, a freebie, that day to catch up on all the things you thought you would get done in the week. Or in todays case a day to put the to-do list aside and just hang out and go with the flow.

Simon and I started the day with our flight lessons (flying blog coming soon if you want to follow along with that) and then we decided to go explore the area we flew over, so off to Pitt Lake we headed.

But first… coffee. We found

Stomping Grounds Cafe

in Pitt Meadows, located on a quant little street. It was just what we where after, a charming setting, the smell of wood fires and a good cappuccino.

country walk outfit - Pitt Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Next we explored the area under where the airspace dedicated to training is… things look very differnt in the air compaired to on the ground.

A crop I had thought looked plausable to land in should things go wrong was actually a very unwise choice up-close. Lucky the engine failure was only a practice one!.

Strange Fellows Beer

A great day deserves to end with something special, so we picked up these

Strange Fellows

Wit Beers.

My default is IPA so it was nice to change things up and go for this lighter yet still flavourful option.

Cheers to a great bonus day!