Contemporary Conservatory Ideas

Contemporary Conservatory Ideas

Contemporary conservatories are awesome. They have everything we love about traditional conservatories. Yet, they also appeal to modern sensibilities with improved eco-friendliness, insulation, efficiency and versatility.

That’s why everyone loves them. Homeowners can’t stop asking for contemporary conservatory ideas. Installers also can’t stop coming up with them.

The best part is that there is a contemporary conservatory idea for every taste, budget range and need. So, whether you are trying to modernise an existing conservatory or build a new one, the right idea is just around the corner.

The odds are that it is on this page. At the very least, one of our contemporary conservatory ideas might inspire you. So, keep reading. We created this balanced article of contemporary conservatory ideas just for you.

There is a little bit of everything, including conservatory design, décor, heating, sustainability and lighting ideas. We even added some practical tips at the end.

Contemporary Conservatory Design Ideas

The traditional conservatory is a glazed structure with a white frame. There are so many ways to modernise this. You could add solid walls or roofs to make the conservatory more like an orangery or traditional extension.

You could also go in the opposite direction, creating a frameless conservatory (aka a glass box). A frameless conservatory is not actually frameless. However, the illusion is uncanny.  

Here is another contemporary conservatory idea. Choose modern building materials. Aluminium frames and stained glass are becoming trendy. Aluminium screams modern. It is strong, durable, sleek, customisable and sustainable. Stained glass also screams modern in its own way. It is bold, edgy, glamorous and eye-catching.

Here are a few more contemporary conservatory design ideas.

Choose a striking colour for the frame

This is arguably the easiest and cheapest way to modernise a conservatory. All you need is paint. The white frames of traditional conservatories are classy but boring. Simply choosing a different colour can result in striking effects.

Take black, grey or sage green as examples. Any of these colours will give you a modern and sleek conservatory.

Choose a striking colour for the frame

Build an open-plan conservatory

Okay, this contemporary conservatory idea is costly. It also requires building regulations approval. However, there is no doubt that you will end up with a truly breathtaking and modern conservatory.

You can use this idea to extend any part of your home. For example, let’s assume you want to create an open-play conservatory kitchen. Simply remove the wall or door separating your kitchen from the conservatory. Then, furnish the conservatory space to function as an extension of your kitchen.

open-plan conservatory

Install floor-to-ceiling windows

What if there is a way to improve the transition between the outdoors and your conservatory? Floor-to-ceiling windows do just that. They also improve ventilation. Having such large window spaces makes it easier to let in fresh air. So, this contemporary conservatory idea is perfect for cramped spaces.

floor-to-ceiling windows

Contemporary Conservatory Furniture and Décor Ideas

Rattan and wicker will always have a special place in our hearts. They are the quintessential conservatory furniture ideas. They don’t fade under sunlight, an attribute that is essential in conservatory furniture.

However, furniture choices ultimately depend on your needs. If you want your conservatory to be a dining area, furnish it for that. If you want it to be a home office, furnish it for that.

Here are some modern conservatory décor ideas that will knock your socks off.

Match the colour of your conservatory’s frame

Minimalism is popular in modern décor and architecture. Take this contemporary conservatory idea as an example. Matching the colours of a conservatory’s frame and furniture creates an elegant minimalist colour scheme. It’s also sleek and classy.    

Use Contemporary colour schemes

Colour is a very powerful tool. So, let’s look at another colour-related contemporary conservatory furniture idea. These modern colour schemes and sophisticated and sleek. They will make your conservatory eye-catching. Here are a few examples:

  • Grey and amber
  • Powdered blue and warm white
  • Bright teal and coral
  • Dusty pinks, sunny yellow and blue
  • Burnt orange and grassy green
  • Pastel
  • Cherry reds and deep purple   

Add a variety of plants

Create visual interest with a wide variety of plants. Add succulents, plants with blade-like leaves, fruiting plants, flowering plants, colourful plants, climbers, short plants, and tall ones.

Variety is good. It creates multiple points of interest for the eyes. It will also make your conservatory edgy and exotic. Just ensure to pick plants that are conservatory-friendly and easy to care for.

Terracotta tiles

Terracotta and textured conservatory flooring options are non-slip, durable and easy to maintain. They also look great. Eye-catching terracotta tiles could be the statement piece of your conservatory. So, we highly recommend this contemporary conservatory idea.

Contemporary Conservatory Furniture and Décor Ideas

Conservatory Heating and Insulation Ideas

Heating and insulation are essential. Without them, you can’t keep your conservatory warm in winter and cool in summer. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to heat and insulate a conservatory.

Conservatory heating options include radiators, infrared, central, and trench heating. They all have advantages and disadvantages that we don’t have enough time to discuss here. So, let’s focus on two contemporary conservatory heating ideas: underfloor heating or log burners.

Underfloor heating

This is arguably the most efficient and cost-effective way to heat a conservatory. That’s why we love this contemporary conservatory idea. Underfloor heating provides steady heat distribution to every part of the conservatory. It also gives you extensive control functions.

There is just one issue. You have to install it under the floor. Therefore, installation and repair can be costly and extensive. There may also be problems with thick carpets and wood floors.

Underfloor heating

Log burner

Log burners are such an excellent contemporary conservatory idea. They have an aesthetic appeal you can’t get from any other heating method. Imagine having a log burner as the focal point of your conservatory. What a statement piece that would be. It might not be the most efficient heating method, but it is definitely the most visually captivating.

Log Burner

Roof insulation

The average conservatory has double glazing. This is its primary means of insulation. However, many conservatories don’t have roof insulation. Yet, over 80% of heat loss happens through the roof.

That’s why you need this contemporary conservatory idea. Roof insulation will reduce heating costs, saving your wallet and the environment. Options for insulating conservatory roofs include coating, solid roof, thermal wadding, foils, high-performance glass and solar control films.

Roof insulation

Contemporary Conservatory Lighting Ideas

Conservatories get a lot of natural light. Maximise this. Let your conservatory face the south to get the maximum sunlight daily. Add one or two roof lanterns or skylights to let sunlight through the roof.

As for artificial light fittings, your priorities should be ambience and practicality. You can’t light a lounge as you would an office. So, decide what you want. Then, light to create that ambience.

Be practical, too. There aren’t a lot of places to mount light in a conservatory. Here is a great tip- make accommodations for light fixtures when designing and building your conservatory. Now, let’s discuss a few contemporary conservatory lighting ideas.

Chandeliers and Pendant lights

Do something elegant and grand. Hang a chandelier or pendant light in your conservatory. To fix headroom problems, hang the light from the roof’s apex and over a table. Make sure the conservatory frame can hold the weight of the light.


Led strips

This is one of our favourite contemporary conservatory ideas in this category. LED strips are much easier to install in conservatories. They are lightweight, space-efficient, and versatile. You can also use them in a smart lighting system or to highlight certain features or areas.  

Led strips

Smart lighting

Smart lights give you more control and often reduce energy consumption. So, we highly recommend this contemporary conservatory idea. You don’t even have to replace existing light fittings. Simply add dimmers and smart plugs to them. Voila! Your conservatory now has a smart lighting system.  

Floor and Table Lamps

This is such a perfect idea for lighting conservatories. You don’t need to worry about installing anything and can adjust lighting at will. Just find a way to hide the wires. 

Floor and Table Lamps

Contemporary Conservatory Sustainability Ideas

Energy bills are rising and we are all obsessed with protecting Mother Nature. Therefore, it’s only fitting for our final contemporary conservatory ideas to focus on sustainability. Focus on four things:

  • Energy-efficient heating and lighting system
  • Sustainable conservatory building materials
  • Double glazing
  • Solar-renewable energy source
  • Smart home technology

We have already discussed lighting and heating ideas. So, let’s move on to the remaining four.

Sustainable and eco-friendly building materials

Ethically sourced and recycled building materials are in vogue. They are stylish, cost-effective and, most importantly, eco-friendly. So, ask your conservatory installer about them. Options range from reclaimed wood to sleepers and hardwood.    

Double glazing

Every modern conservatory should have double glazing. It provides superb insulation and noise reduction. For that first reason alone, this contemporary conservatory idea is invaluable. You can also try triple glazing. However, this is not necessary.

Self-cleaning and solar control glass are much better upgrades. Self-cleaning glass stays clean by preventing organic matter from sticking to it.  Solar control glass protects your conservatory from too much sunlight in summer and cold in winter.

Double glazing

Solar panels

Hands down, this is one of the most contemporary conservatory ideas in this article. What’s more modern than a conservatory that runs on sustainable energy? The installation cost is relatively high but you will save money in the long run. Plus, this is good for the environment. So, consider using solar panels to power your conservatory.

Solar panels

Smart home technology

Here is another way to reduce energy costs and build a modern conservatory. You will need automated thermostats and light switches. The former will control heating and cooling, while the latter controls lights.

If you want efficiency and smart controls, this contemporary conservatory idea is for you. It can even let you control your conservatory remotely.  

Smart home technology

Practical Tips and Considerations

Here are three practical tips for designing, building and furnishing a contemporary conservatory.

Plan ahead

Start thinking about heating, lighting and furniture before designing and installing your conservatory. The design should accommodate the features you want. If you want underfloor heating, make room for it in your designs. If you want chandeliers or wall-mounted lights, make accommodations for them too.

Learn about planning permissions and building regulations

Conservatories are covered by permitted development rights. So, you don’t need planning permission or approval from the building regulations to build one. However, this becomes void if the conservatory exceeds certain size limits and other restrictions.

When that happens, you could get in trouble for not applying for planning permissions and building regulations. So, know the rules and get the proper paperwork. Your local planning authority or conservatory installer can help with these.

Let your conservatory complement your house

Let it echo the architecture and colour of your house. These two structures should have harmony and connection. They should complement each other, whether through contrast or resemblance. If you have an Edwardian house, consider building an Edwardian conservatory. If your house has specific window or door shapes, let your conservatory echo that.


Good contemporary conservatory ideas make our favourite glazed structures feel like they belong in this century. Insulation, heating, lighting and these other ideas allow conservatories to rival regular extensions at a fraction of the cost.

As a matter of fact, conservatories are a much better option in certain situations. They are also more versatile and customisable. So, a modern conservatory will be an invaluable addition to any property. Hopefully, this article has helped you notice that. Perhaps it has even inspired you to develop your contemporary conservatory ideas.