Coffee, thrifting & adventure!

There were two projects on the agenda for the day: 1. Buy coffee 2. Find a few things for our little project!

Somewhere we hadn’t tried yet for coffee was

Matchstick Roasters

, it certainly wasn’t walking distance like our other favourite places but it was worth the drive to E 15th Ave. The location is sweet but did someone say hipster? It seemed that every hipster couple was there showing off their new baby! Even with all the check shirts, moustaches and mac books the place felt spacious and fresh

With coffee in hand and a bag for home we were ready to tackle the next challenge. We have a project in mind that requires many MANY old hardcover books. Last weekend we tried some garage sales… with no luck as it seems people are too attached to their books to sell them at any sort of reasonable price! So we made a list of op shops to check out Around the Vancouver and Buraby area.

By the afternoon we had 2 HUGE bags of books… quite good success I think since we had only spend $16!

All that hard work deserved  a snack… a cheesy bagel sort of snack! OMG it was goooood!

Not a bad loot right? the best scores were the two silk scarves found at the Salvation Army. Also the book above about a guys life flying planes is from 1926, how fascinating is that… I didn’t even know they had planes then!

But you will have to wait to find out what all these books are for…