Away from home but not on Holiday!

Campbell River, BC

MIA again! I have 2 more weeks of living away from home… without my computer! Who would of thought it would be the toughest part of not being at home, well other than not having cuddles from my boyfriend and the cat!

Oh yeah, I also really miss my kitchen, the weekends that I get to go home I pretty much just go on a cooking marathon.

Two weeks more seems like forever when I think about the lack of cuddles, but when I think that in just two short weeks I’m going to be a qualified commercial scuba diver… its just a little crazy!

So far it’s been 4 weeks of freezing my ass off in the 4 degree c water… we even hit -13 topside last week… yet somehow its fun.

I think I might even be acclimatising to this weather, or maybe I’m just getting used to having numb fingers and toes.

On the downside, my hair hasn’t exactly been photo worthy over the last month, so I apologise for that but I have plenty planned for my spring hair.

Speaking of spring, I am so happy to see that pastels are sticking around for another season, I’m adoring the lovely mint, yellow and pink colour combos.

What about you? Looking forwards to some spring style?

Scuba Diving