This Week

April 7, 2013

this week in photos

This week sure has has it’s ups and downs and the weather has been following suite too!
We had a lovely relaxed easter, Simon worked and I made hot cross buns for us to have for breakfast, and then of course we over indulged in chocolate for the next few days… just as you should over easter.  To make up for all that chocolate eating our meals the last week have been rather on the healthy side (not that they aren’t  usually) but I thoroughly enjoyed having salmon, oysters and halibut throughout the week. I really do love my seafood, I could eat it everyday… its just a shame that would put a strain on the wallet!
Now that I think back it has been quite a social week with drinks out with lovely friends, discovering a little more of Vancouver’s night life.
Oh and that top right pic, guess who that is? It’s me!
Have a lovely week


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