The Ultimate S’mores Martini

May 22, 2015

the ultimate S'mores Martini recipe

I LOVE marshmallows, always have, always will and if they are toasted then I love them x100!
I got given a kitchen torch for my birthday… naturally I now want to set EVERYTHING on fire , I mean perfectly toast everything.
I needed an excuse to use my new toy and making crème brûlée was just too obvious, so I sat pondering my options and scanning the kitchen shelves. I had graham crackers, I had chocolate, I had vodka… AHA! all I needed was marshmallows and I was on my way to a S’mores martini.

Now here are where things start to get tricky. A quick google search revealed there is no shortage of recipes for S’mores themed drinks, but which on to use?! This is when I realized I must make it my duty to discover which recipe truly reigns supreme. So I (not unwillingly) accepted the challenge to make, taste, tweak, create and re-taste until I have concocted the ultimate S’mores Martini. 

I studied many recipes, but found most to be the same or a slight variation of one another. The one common ingredient was Vodka, although which flavour (or plain) is used is an almost equal split between whipped, vanilla and marshmallow. I’m not big on flavoured vodka’s but if your ever going to use a flavoured vodka this seemed like the correct time to do so. On a side note did you know you can actually get a s’mores flavoured vodka!? 
The second most common ingredient is adult chocolate milk and chocolate liqueur. (neither of which ended up in my final recipe)

After several trips to various liquor stores I had a nice selection of ingredients to play with. I thought I would start simple and try out the most common recipe which is simply one part adult chocolate milk, one part flavoured vodka and one part cream. This produced a a chocolaty sweet and very easy to drink cocktail, rim the glass with chocolate and graham crackers, finish with a toasted marshmallow and you have quite the treat. But this just wasn’t going to cut it for me… the chocolate was overpowering everything. 3 variation of ingredients later I realized I was missing the honey note which comes from the graham crackers…  time for another trip to the store.


the perfect dessert cocktail: S'mores MartiniS'mores Martini

For the 3rd round I added Drambuie to the mix, its honey and slightly spiced flavour add that deeper note to the drink that I was searching for. But with the chocolate still overpowering its time to ditch the (too sweet) chocolate liqueur… now I was onto something. So by now I guess you just want the damn recipe, so here it is, the ultimate (in my opinion) S’mores Martini… dessert in a glass!

s'mores martini - the best dessert cocktail

The Ultimate S'mores Martini
Yields 2
A nostalgic and decadent cocktail; perfect for dessert
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Prep Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
  1. Thick chocolate sauce
  2. Crushed Graham crackers
  3. Marshmallows
  4. 1 tbsp Marshmallow fluff/creme
  5. 2oz (60ml) + 1oz (30ml) Marshmallow Vodka (I used Pinnacle)
  6. 3oz (90ml) Chocolate Vodka ( I used 360 Double Chocolate)
  7. 2oz (60ml) Drambuie
  8. 2oz (60ml) + 2oz (60ml) Cream ( 36% m.f )
  1. Rim 2 martini glasses with chocolate sauce and then dip them in graham cracker crumbs. If the weather is hot then I advise popping the rimmed glasses in the fridge for about 10 minutes to keep the chocolate and cracker rim in place.
  2. Add about a teaspoon of chocolate sauce to the bottom half of the glass, pushing it into the sides of the glass.
  3. Fill a cocktail shaker half way with ice. Add 2oz of the marshmallow vodka and 2oz of the cream, then add the chocolate vodka, Drambuie and 1 teaspoon of chocolate sauce.
  4. Shake for 30 seconds then strain into your prepared martini glass.
  5. Now quickly rinse your shaker then add 1oz marshmallow vodka, 2oz cream and 1 tbsp of marshmallow fluff (you may need to mix the fluff with a small amount of water first to loosen it up). Shake vigorously for at least 30 seconds or until you think the cream has slightly thickened. Add to you martini glasses, it should create about a 1cm layer ontop.
  6. Skewer 1-2 marshmallows for each glass and carefully toast with a kitchen torch (see note if you don't have one). Take your time toasting the marshmallows, you want them to get gooey inside. Place the marshmallows in the glass and then quickly and very carefully toast the graham crumbs on the rim (this adds a fantastic aroma as you bring the glass to your lips for a sip).
  7. Now sit back and enjoy the adult version of s'mores without having to swat mosquitoes off your legs!
  1. The marshmallow fluff isn't 100% necessary, it's the only ingredient that you could leave out.
  2. The marshmallow vodka could be substituted for whipped vodka if you have that on hand instead, or if you only have plain vodka you could plan in advance and infuse it with marshmallows but I haven't personally done this.
  3. I used Avalon's 36% m.f whipping cream, it is a higher milk fat percentage than most Canadian whipping creams. If you are in the US or else where go for heavy cream.
  4. If you don't have a kitchen torch you can toast marshmallows in a frying pan or under a grill.
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 the ultimate S'mores Martini recipePinnacle marshmallow vodka

I hope you love this martini, if you make it or maybe if you have a recipe that you think rivals this one then do let me know!

Happy sipping xx Kassandra

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