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Tested Recipes //1

November 25, 2013

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Since I tend to try out quite a few recipes from around the web and books, I thought it might to be fun to share whats been cooking at my place over the week.

I have been working my way through the Williams Sanoma Breakfast Comforts book at quite a rapid rate and enjoying it. The scones are the only thing I haven’t liked… if your going to bake scones go with an English recipe ;) The tomato tart however was a great success and the recipe for the puff pastry turned out great. It was also from the Breakfast Comforts books.


Here is the thing, I never really liked scrambled eggs and I don’t think I have ever made them. That was until this last month where they have been a regular breakfast. All they needed was a little jazzing up and making sure not to overcook them, no one likes dry tasteless eggs. The tomato, basil and mozzarella scramble was quite a treat although probably more suited to being made in summer than winter. The recipe was from the Breakfast Comforts book.

You might remember my Autumn Baguettes from a few posts ago, they are soooooo good.

Want a little snack thats tasty, sweet, vegan and good for you? These Date and nut globes by Nutrition Stripped are awesome. For some reason I only made a half batch, they were gone by the end of the next day! I’ll be making more for sure.

The treat of the week was this Chocolate Turtle Pumpkin Torte by Sprinkle Bakes. NEVER has a cake vanished so fast! Honestly its to die for this cake.

Do you have any recipes that are a must try? I have been thinking about homemade condiments a lot lately.


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