Sunset Seawall Walks

December 31, 2014

Vancouver Seawall walk with north face chilkat boots

I am doing my best to make use of the location of our new apartment, being just a few blacks back from the gorgeous sea wall walk  is amazing. Since moving here I have started running, been going on fast walks with Simon and am very much looking forwards to picnic dinners on the grass when summer arrives.

Vancouver Seawall walknorth face chilkat boots outfit

I love catching the sunset on my walks or runs, at the moment it is setting at about 4:30 so more like an afternoon walk than our summertime evening walks. Not matter what day it is the seawall is always bustling with plenty of people, a mix of tourists, people walking their dogs and plenty of people going for a run. Once we hit Denman St a quick detour to grab a snack from Ayoubs Fruit and Nut shop is a must, this time we arrived just as some fresh roasted  lime and saffron nuts were being put out. They were still warm and sooo delicious.

the best snackwinter walks outfit

Check out those boots! A bit excessive for a leisurely walk, I know. But it was their first trip outside the house and I wanted to break them in. Waterproof and insulated… my toes are going to be toasty. They are the North Face Chilkat boots, so far I love them.

Sunset portrait on the beach in VancouverG-star raw outfit

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