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Sunday Style & Vancouver International Autoshow

March 28, 2016

casual spring outfit - flare jeans and a wrap knit

Let’s shake things up a bit shall we? Not only am I sharing this laid back sunday look but I’m also going to share my thoughts from the Vancouver International Autoshow… just in case you don’t know me that well, I like cars too. 

Vancouver International Autoshow

Vancouver International Autoshow






This being my first Auto-show in Canada I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Car shows back in Australia are borderline soft-core sex displays, semi-clad promo girls touching cars, looks of heightened desire plastered delicately on dead eyed faces, surrounded by horny guys.
It was tasteful family oriented fun, poster cars, go-carts, car driving simulator and all the aftermarket car products you could possibly want (or not) from hot-wheels models to under car lighting.

First stop was Hyundai, and my gosh, have they come along way from the old banger I had as one of my first cars from the early 90’s, uugh that was horrible, suppressed traumatic car ownership, it’s a thing!

It was a little empty around their cars so Simon and I took full advantage and bee-lined for the new Genesis. It’s a little over styled, like the taillights (someone needs to tell them when to stop designing) but the interior was not bad, with toys like oil pressure and torque gauges, and did I mention the 348 horses to make them work? Smashing little car, hey Hyundai give me the keys for a weekend and I’ll write you a review, wink wink.

Vancouver International Autoshow

Vancouver International Autoshow




Next we meandered over to the soon to be defunct Scion display.
Simon’s caffeine had kicked in and he decided that he would banter with a resident on how he has never felt any love for the FR-S, and therefore deserved to have a seat in the limited edition one they had on display. His smile and confusion said it all, mildly ugly on the outside, great on the inside, so I had to give it a go myself. Besides missing the gear knob it felt great, really great! The drivers position is perfect, legs stretched out, roof nice and low, short throw shift (even knob less) and the mirror is perfect for lipstick touch-ups (yes I checked, haha) how much is it mister sales man?

After that we kind of stumbled around in a daze, high on the experience a car that we had poo-poo’d for so long had given us, and it was a static display!

And next… there before us was the new MX-5. Little, crawling with nerds and sticky fingered children.
I always liked Miata’s and so does Simon, we have had plenty of conversations about purchasing a first generation one, craving spec B goodness and Garage Very aftermarket bits. But after touching and trying it out we felt no love for it, and at $35k starting price its just too expensive for what you get.

VW was, umm das boring. The beetle is bigger, again. And everything has changed so slightly I couldn’t tell you the difference. Oh the new Audi TT convertible looks like a convertible VW Golf. Boring.


Now over to you….
What’s your dream car?

Vancouver International Autoshow
Vancouver International Autoshow

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