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Small Space Living – Keeping Organised

July 16, 2013

small space living - keeping organised

I promised I would share what I do with the other draws under my bed, so here is draw number 2. You can check out draw 1 here.
I don’t have a dresser or bed side table… the obvious places for storing socks and underwear, so under the bed it had to be. I wondered if I should just show the draw rather than sharing (some of) my underwear with the world… but hey its just some fabric, and we all own underwear anyway. As you can see I kind of love coloured stockings, and yes I do only own 3 pairs of socks… but thats because I spend all my time wearing stockings :D
To make sure everything stays in order I made some simple dividers, and here is how to do it…

how to make draw dividers

1. Measure the length and height you will need to cut your dividers to. Just remember that longer is better than shorter as you can always trim them down but you can’t make them longer if you cut it to short.
2. Cut your cardboard. I always seem to have trouble making sure my edges stay straight, but I did my best, plus any little wobbles can be faced down.
3. Glue in place and let dry, then enjoy your new organised draw!

pretty organised underwear storage

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  • Lou July 30, 2013 at 1:27 pm

    Wow! That’s insanely paired down and organised!
    Did you glue thin strips of cardboard in place or fold them to create the walls? I can’t imagine that gluing thin cardboard strips would stay in place.
    Geez, I wish I’d get this organised. Congrats on developing such good habits.

    • Kassandra August 17, 2013 at 6:20 pm

      I found that foamcore (is that what its called?) that really thick cardboard you find in craft stores (or dollar tree) has worked perfectly for me and I have only had to re-glue it once from when the cat tried to make this her bed!

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