Seeing Double Braid

April 3, 2015

hair tutorial - seeing double

1. Twist your hair to the side you want your braid on, adding bobby pins as necessary. This step is optional but I love how it looks and it adds a little something extra to the finished hairstyle.

2. Holding your twisted hair with one hand use your other hand to separate a small section of hair from about midway behind your ear. The bigger this section of hair is the bigger the braid sitting on top will be.

3. Clip the small section of hair up out of the way and secure the rest of the hair with a small elastic, its important to use one of the plastic ones as you will be cutting it later. Separate the hair in two and begin to fishtail braid bring the hair from the centre and wrapping around to the back.

4. Once you are about 1cm down the hair section out a small piece and clip it out of the way with the other small section. Don’t forget to still braid the piece of hair on the same side you removed the section. Continue braiding.

5. Once you have braided about 2cm more section out another small piece from the opposite side to last time. Once again clip out of your way and continue on. Repeat this until you reach the end. Removing a small section from alternation sides on regular intervals. You will find as you get past the halfway point of the braid you probably can’t clip them into the same clip anymore, at this point I either use another clip or use my mouth (its like a 3rd hand right?!). Secure with a small elastic at the end.

6. Very VERY carefully cut the elastic at the top of the hair. You might need to do a little adjusting at this point, you can always use an extra bobby pin or two to get things sitting just how you want them.

7. Now is your chance to stretch out your braid. Unclip the sections and let them hang loose. work your way up and down your braid pulling and stretching it out until you are happy with the shape and size.

8. Now its time to make the top braid. If your section of hair isn’t quite where you want the small braid to start (right in the middle of the fishtail) simply pull it through the fishtail braid to create a new starting spot. Now braid down the section until you reach the first section of loose hair, you want to divide this new section of hair into 3 and add it to the 3 strands you are currently braiding with. It’s important to divide the new section evenly and not just add it to one section to avoid the braid being pulled in a zig-zag manner.

9. Continue braiding until you reach the next loose section of hair. Once again divide the section evenly between your 3 strand and continue the braid. Repeat this each time you reach the next loose section. As you braid down it is important to keep your hands as close to the large fishtail braid as possible, this will give you a tighter and straighter end result.

10. Secure with an elastic and you’re done. You could also remove the elastic and merge the two braids together, braiding to the very end of the hair. I have been loving this braid lately, there are so many variations and once you get the hang of keeping the loose strands of hair out of your way it is a fairly quick and easy hairstyle. To change it up simply use different types of braids, like a fishtail on top of a 3 strand braid or a rope (twist) on top of a braid. Here are a few of my variations

double braid hairstyle

I hope you love this braid as much as I do and if you give it a go I would love to see.


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  • Julie (xfallenmoon) April 6, 2015 at 6:10 pm

    Kass, that’s just crazy!! Your hair styles are always so unique. Loving this one in particular. Now if my hair could just grow out a bit more…
    Julie (xfallenmoon) recently posted…Mexico 2015My Profile

    • Kassandra April 7, 2015 at 2:51 pm

      Aww thanks so much Julie, I’m pretty sure your hair would be long enough!

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