Snow Day

December 15, 2015

snow day outfit : hiking boots, oxblood jeans and green quilted vest

Let it Snow!

So excited that there is finally snow on the mountains, it makes it feel like Christmas is just around the corner (even though I grew up with hot summer Christmas’) and also excited for lots of layers and snow day outfits.

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Bridges & a Blanket Scarf

October 29, 2015

A very Vancouver fall outfit | Also blanket scarf, J Crew striped turtleneck, Old Navy burgundy knit, Banana Republic blue knife cape, Michael Kors olive skinny jeans, J crew suede loafers


When in doubt, Wear a blanket!

I could take a nap just about anywhere with the cozy blanket scarf, it makes me so happy.
Oversized scarves have been quite the obsession of mine ever since I got [this] giant grey knit one about 3 years ago, I was hooked after that… oversized and warm, I’m there.

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My Weekend Sale Picks

October 9, 2015

Sale Time!

It’s coming to that time of year where there is a different sale every other day, and I’m really not complaining, because who doesn’t love a bargain.
To kick things off, here is a list of sweet sales you can shop from wherever you please ( in my case I’m snuggled up in bed, ready for the storm to roll in)

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A little bit of Fall

October 7, 2015

Casual countryside fall equestrian inspired outfit


I little bit of equestrian influence for fall.

It really isn’t a secret that I wish I could head off to a beautiful equestrian centre in the countryside each weekend to go riding, but since that’s not going to happen right now I’ll just have to opt for an equestrian inspired outfit.

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Hairstyle #112

September 16, 2015

pinned hairstyle with a hidden braid to keep everything in place

It might seem a little tricky to work out whats going on with my hair here, but I can tell you that… I have absolutely no idea either…
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How To Make The Most Of Your Wardrobe

August 10, 2015

How to make the most of your wardrobe

You don’t have to have an endless wardrobe (or bank account) to have plenty of outfit options… you just have to know how to make the most of your wardrobe.

I follow a simple process to make sure I’m maximizing every item I have and so that I know what items I should buy to give me even more options.
This process also makes it really simple to plan outfits for the week or to pack for a trip away with as few items as possible (you know, so you have more space in the suitcase for holiday shopping!). Continue Reading


Hairstyle #111 : Fishtail Braid Chignon

August 4, 2015

Wedding Guest Hairstyle : easy elegant braided fishtail chignon

“Hair is as much an accessory
as a bracelet or scarf.”

Some times (ok most times) I wish that I had a never ending wardrobe so that I never had to wear the same thing twice, but this isn’t the case yet… at least I have on thing that I never have to wear the same, my hair!

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Simply Styled Little White Dress

July 28, 2015

Simply styled plastid white dress outfit


The little white dress, the often overlooked sister of the little black dress.

Just like everyones favourite LBD, the little white dress is infinitely versatile and always timeless. Style it simply with some cute shoes, matching accessories and it can take you almost anywhere.

Just don’t forget to check where you sit first!

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