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Othello Tunnels, Hope BC

October 16, 2013

Hope, BC

We have a bit of a habit of waking up late on our day off together and then deciding on some random place to drive to, this time that place was Hope. Its about an hour and 20 minutes drive away for us and a rather pretty drive too, especially as all the leaves are turning to the beautiful Autumn hues. First a look around the town, which is cute and has a lovely park, but the standout for me was the bakery… oh sooooo yummy and so cheap. If we are every driving past here I would totally stop in just to go to the bakery. Sure its no Parisian gem, but 85c for a ridiculously tasty apple fritter is pretty good in my books.

Hope, BCHope, BCHope, BCHope, BCOthello Tunnels, Hope, BC

The tunnels were what we really came all this way for and it was a fun walk with stunning views. There are signs that suggest a flashlight and we did come prepared with one in the car but it was big and dorky and I really couldn’t be bothered carrying it, so the bets began between us as to if we would really need it. Guess who won? Yep I was right… you can safely make it through the tunnels without a torch.

Othello Tunnels, Hope, BCothello tunnelsOthello Tunnels, Hope, BCOthello Tunnels, Hope, BC

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