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On the Menu //2

December 2, 2013

on the menu 1
I told you I was on a bit of a roll with scrambled eggs. Well this week we had another version. This time I added different coloured peppers and had some maple pork links on the side, rather tasty if I might say so myself.

With the cold weather here its time for mulled wine. This recipe was citrusy and not too sweet, its from The Essential Christmas cookbook. This book belongs to what is probably my favourite of all cookbook series. I got my first one  when I was about 12, it was full of the most delicious desserts. Since then its pretty much been an obsession tracking down each book, I’m pretty sure there are only a couple I am missing.

on the menu 2
Asian cooking is usually a weekly occurrence since the closest (and cheapest) supermarket is an asian one. But since its been cold we have had far more “comfort” meals than anything else. But as I was doing the shopping I decided on a whim to grab some squid balls… part because they were on sale and part because I had never bought squid balls before. Then I found this recipe from Ang Sarap to use them in. They were WAY tastier than I imagined and I think I’ll probably buy them again… or maybe just make my own next time :P

on the menu 3

Let the Christmas eating begin! (yeah I should probably double the amount of time I spend working out too). I already Mentioned The Essential Christmas Cookbook but get used to hearing the name because its my bible for the rest of the month. All three of these recipes are from that lovely book. 


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