Modern Medieval Hair Tutorial

October 18, 2013

modern medieval hairstyle tutorial

1. Part your hair on a diagonal so it creates a triangular section of hair, secure this with a small elastic.

2. Create another diagonal parting, this time in the opposite direction. Secure this with a small hair elastic.

3. Continue creating the triangular partings of hair, alternating from left to right and securing each with a small hair elastic.

4. You hair should look like you are some sought of crazy person at this point! I find it amusing at this point to walk out and announce to my boyfriend that I am ready to go! Ok back to finishing your hair.

5. Curl each section of hair, this will make it easier to create the pin curls. You can use a flat iron or a curling want its really up to you.

6. Starting with the bottom section of hair roll the ends around your fingers and then roll up and pin in place to create a loose pin-curl.

7. Continue creating these pin curls until you reach the last section of hair.

8. the last section should be split into 2 sections and the create a pin-curl from each section.

9. Repeat the pin curls on the other side, remembering to split the section closest to your face into two parts.

10. When you secure the last pin curls make sure the elastic is hidden by the curls and your done.

pin curl hairstyle

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  • Liana Baldwin May 16, 2016 at 1:24 am

    This hairstyle look so cute!!
    Nice!! Thank you for your share!