Little Life Box : June Review

June 17, 2015

Little Life Box June Review

Little Life Box, my favourite Canadian healthy lifestyle subscription box is here again.
June’s Little Life Box has not disappointed, packed full of tasty goodies.

Little Life Box is $19.95 a month + $3.95 shipping, you can sign up or find more info here and use code DE10 for 10% off

DSCF0855Little Life Box June ReviewLittle Life Box June Review

Mrs. Crimbles  Yogourt Coated Rice Cakes
$3 (full size)
I just love snacks, in all shapes and sizes and the yogurt topping on these with the crunch of the rice cake hits the spot for me. 

Progressive VegEssential $3.25 (45g)
Holy wowzers the ingredient list on this is epic! I blended this with some almond milk and a frozen banana for a post workout snack and I was so full by the end of it. The flavour makes me think of ice cream… I guess that must be the vanilla. I don’t buy protein powders but I’m more than happy when I get samples of them.

Bounce Cocoa Mint Protein Bomb  $2.33
Probably the most delicious thing I have tried in a long time. It was like choc mint fudge with little crunchy bits… if I ever see these on sale I don’t think I’ll be able to resist purchasing them.

Little Life Box - A Canadian health and lifestyle subscription box. Full of healthy snack and good for you beauty productsLittle Life Box June Review

GoGo Quinoa Tex Mex Burger Mix
Can’t wait to give this a try, thats one dinner solved for this week!

Peter Piper Pepper Soy Sauce $3.99
This was perfect timing as I just finished the last of my soy sauce the night before. Love soy sauce… I probably go through it way too fast!

RĂ¥ Energy Mixed Seeds $11.99
Love this so much (although I kind of wish I had got one of the flavours). I sprinkled some on top of the of the garlic and soy boo choy side dish I made last night… added the perfect little but of texture where I would of normally used sesame seeds.

Little Life Box June Review

Routine Natural Deodorant
I’ll give this a go, but I’m not too crash hot on the scent.

EFFI Face Cream (purple) x2 $1.44
Skincare, yes please! Can’t wait to try these.

Four O’Clock Teas x4 $1.25
The last tea sample I got from Four O’Clock tea was so good I promptly went out and bought a whole box. I tried the pink lemonade one the other afternoon and it was lovely and refreshing but not run out the door on a mission to get more worthy.

Goddess Garden Everyday Natural Sunscreen (6ml) $0.90
I don’t mind creams and cleansers in foil pouches but for some reason I can’t stand sunscreen in these little foil sample pouches… please just send us mini samples instead of the foil ones! Packaging complains aside, Ill be popping this one in the car for when I forget to bring the sunscreen. 

Jimmy Bar Peanut Butter Clutter $1.37
The perfect little energy boosting snack. I tucked it in my pocket as I headed out the door for a walk. Peanut butter may not be my favourite flavour but it was very tasty.

Little Life Box June ReviewLittle Life Box June ReviewLittle Life Box June Review

June’s Little Life Box’s total value: $33.70

Loved this months box, so much tastiness! Everything will get used, well everything that I haven’t already eaten. And I’m already looking forwards to next months box.

If you would like to subscribe I also have a coupon code for you, use DE10 for 10% off and you can subscribe here.


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