Little Life Box April

April 19, 2015

Little Life Box April ReviewThat happy box packed full of goodies brings a smile every month. April’s Little Life Box had an extra good helping of tasty treats including plenty of chocolate.

For those that don’t know…
Little Life Box is a Canadian health subscription box. For $19.95 a month you get over a dozen healthy snacks and lifestyle products delivered, and there is also a vegan option available.

Little Life Box April Review

Espresso Dark Chocolate bar by Camino $4.29
Mmmm Camino chocolate has become a new favourite since I got my first block in my little life box a few months back. This one is delicious but not my favourite flavour.

Masala Chai Tea Latte Mix by Tea India $0.67 x2
I got two of these but I had already used one before I snapped these pics. So tasty but I think one sachet could easily do 2 drinks as it was a little too strong and sweet.

Crio Beans Chocolate Covered Cocoa Beans $3.95
These are by far my favourite item in the box… sooooo tasty. Its odd, I can eat just a couple of these and feel so content, no more sweet cravings and not feelings of over indulging on sugary crap.

Little Life Box April Review

Bamboo Cosmetic Applicators by EcoTools $2.69
One of the less than exciting things in this box as I prefer to use a brush for my makeup application but I bet I’ll find a use for them anyway.

Biodegradable Laundry Detergent & Cleaner by Pure $0.40
I like these little samples, I haven’t tried them yet and the cleaner needs to be mixed with water (I don’t have a spare spray bottle at the moment) but I’m looking forwards to comparing them with my current eco friendly cleaners. 

Dark Chocolate Cake Mix by Gogo Quinoa $2.65
This should be novel… making a packet cake! I’m pretty excited! It says its vegan, but only if you add the vegan moist ingredients, which I don’t have on hand nor will I buy for the purpose of making this cake… so, lucky I’m not vegan! Follow me on instagram if you want to find out how this cake tired out as I’m sure I’ll let you all know on there when I bake it.

Balsamic & Cracked Pepper roasted chickpeas by Three Farmers $5.00
I can’t make up my mind about these… I think the flavour is a little too packed on and the crunch factor is a little too severe. But I like the idea of using them as a salad topper.

Little Life Box April Review

Wow Butter $0.10c x2
Yet another thing I’m looking forwards to trying… but I’m practicing some self restraint and trying not to eat everything at once.

Granola Bars by Grandma Emily’s $1.50 x2
Mmmmm granola bars, or musli bars as I tend to call them. These are chewy are crunchy at the same time and perfect to banish the hangry’s.

When I picked this box up at the post office the first thing I noticed was that its the lightest box I have received so far, and once opening it I also realized it was the least full… but my initial disappointment was banished by the amount of very tasty treats inside (maybe I was hungry at the time). But that leaves us at what the value of this box was…

The total value is $23.53
thats the lowest value I have received yet and considering the box costs $24.95 with shipping its disappointing to not even get your moneys worth. But last months box was valued at $76 so hopefully they are back on track next month.

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