Julep Maven Review

December 1, 2014

Julep Maven subscription box review

I received my first Juelp Maven box the other day, I was so excited that I changed my polish colour daily until I had tried all the colours. I have worn the polishes for 2 weeks now to see how they wear, both with and without base coats and top coats.

For those of you not familiar with Julep Maven here is what it is:

Julep Maven is a nail polish and beauty product subscription box, you receive 3-4 full sized products each month for $24.99, shipping included in the US and Canada. You start by taking a little survey so they can match colours and products to you, this profile only gives you a suggestion of what box you should have but you can change to whichever box pleases you that month, so no getting surprised with a colour you will never wear. The box always has a value of $40+ and they also include coupons, offers and specially priced add-ons for their subscribers. 

You can sign up here and get your first box free! just use code TREAT (its $58 value)

Julep Maven subscription box review

My polish collection has grown from 2 colours to about 20 colours over the past 2 years but the whole time I have been dedicated to OPI, I love their formula plus I have a thing about having all the same brand products sitting on my shelf (don’t judge!) so I was hesitant about letting another brand sit alongside my beloved polish collection. But who can resist a free present in the mail? not me… so I ordered my julep box. 
A couple of weeks later I found a pretty pink box in my mail. I immediately set to work trying out these little gems with a critical eye. 
First thing I didn’t like was the tall bottle and the square lid, I’m worried I’m going to knock it over but I have already got used to holding onto the bottle as I dip my brush. With the first coat went on and things weren’t looking good (am I really that terrible at applying polish?!), then I applied the second… its like magic! I’m not kidding, what looked like a terrible uneven mess turned into perfect even colour. It dried faster than I expected which always makes me happy. And it wears very well. Of course adding a base coat and a top coat will greatly extend the life of your colour (I usually get 5-6 days with no chipping) but even without any topcoat I got a solid 3 days out of each colour with no chipping.
I’m sold… so in love with these polishes, they deserve a spot on my shelf.
Julep Maven Review, julep colour Ryan

it girl Ryan satin finish $14

Overcast teal is what they describe this colour as, it is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t get enough of the satin finish. I think this is my favourite colour from the box.

         julep ciara review and swatch

it girl Ciara $14 $9.99

Vampy magenta with teal micro glitter. This colour is mesmerizing, you really see the different elements under different lighting. 
Julep Maven Review, julep colour Ryan

it girl Coco $14 

Oxblood Crème. A very deep chocolate maroon/magenta colour. It machos perfectly with one of my favourite fairs of pants. I did find it the trickiest of the 3 to get an even colour with but that might of just been because I was so tired.

Overall I was very happy with my box, I love that there was a variety of finishes and the colours were harmonious. The Ciara glitter is the only one that probably won’t get a lot of wear, the other 2 are perfect fall/winter daily colours.

The total value of my box was $42

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