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How to Fake a Big Curly Blowout

July 20, 2015

Big Hair and Big loose curls - How to fake an easy pro blowout

We all wish we could have our own personal hairstylist to blow-dry our locks into the perfect ‘do every morning, but for most of us thats just not practical… not yet anyway! So the next best thing is perfecting this easy big curly faux blowout, which is particularly good for those of us with hair that refuses to hold a curl. 

I started styling my hair like this when I was trying to workout how to make my curls last longer than the amount of time to took my to walk out the door. Whilst I am thankful for my straight hair because it gives me an easy blank canvas to work with, in exchange for that I have to deal with curls dropping within moments and hair so flat it mind as well be painted flat against my head. Washing my hair and leaving it as-is, just isn’t an option for me. But have no fear my fellow volume-less straight haired girls, with a little extra effort, some good body building product and a nice dose of hairspray, big bouncy hair can be yours.

Big Hair and Big loose curls - How to fake an easy pro blowout


Start with towel dried hair (if you have bangs then I recommend styling these how you like to wear them at this point). Sprits the roots of your hair with a volumizing product, I’m using Evo’s Root Canal Base Support Spray (I love this for my fine hair). Once I’ve given a few good sprays I massage it quickly into my hair.


Blowdry your hair until it is 100% dry. For added lift blow-dry your hair upside down, combing and pulling the hair upwards with your fingers as you dry it.


Once your hair is completely dry its time to get started with the curling iron. I’m using the Nume curling wand with 1-1/4″ barrel.


Starting at the crown of your head curl a large section of hair.When you curl a section of hair you want to keep it flat against the iron, not twisted.


Pin the curled hair in place. Slide the hair off your curling wand so that it stays curled up and use a bobby pin on each side to hold it in place. If your hair doesn’t come off the curling wand neatly don’t worry, simply curl it back up around your fingers.


Continue with the rest of your hair.I like to start at the back and work my way forwards, a few time doing this and you will work out what works best for you. When you get to the hair at the front that frames your face you will want to be very mindful of how this will fall, make sure you curl it on an angle that will work for you.


Leave to cool and set and then release and backcomb the crown.The longer you leave your hair to set the longer your curls will last, at a minimum you need to make sure your hair is completely cooled. I like to leave mine for at least 30mins. Starting at the bottom gently release the curls, give each one a light spray of hairspray as you do this. When you get near the top lightly backcomb the hair at the base of each curl, this gives a little extra volume and lift.


Finish with Hairspray A generous dose of hairspray will keep everything in place for the day. Tame any fly-aways and your done


I hope that this tutorial gives you the best hair day!

Don’y forget to share your photos tag me @designeveryday I love to see, comment and share your versions.

Big Hair and Big loose curls - How to fake an easy pro blowout

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