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April 1, 2014

Keeping warm in Spring! Mini me pictures!

Hello Spring! For the first time I felt like spring was actually here. The sun was shining and it had some warmth to it for once, there was that fresh smell in the air and it was time for ice cream. I have decided that this summer is going to be all about ice cream, I can just feel it. I’m already dreaming up every flavour imaginable. But the question will be, can you make good ice cream without an ice cream maker? I have seen a few recipes around, has anyone got a good one? Or am I going to have to invest in some more kitchen equipment, because you know, my kitchen isn’t overflowing already.

Keeping warm in Spring! Mini me pictures!
When your car is out of action it can feel like there is nothing you can do on a day off, or at least for us it does, as our favourite thing is to drive to somewhere we haven’t been before. So we decided to shake things up a little and look at our local area from a different perspective. Camera in hand, we pretended to be tiny people for a day. And yes we got plenty of strange looks. Some guy even came over and started getting angry because he though Simon was taking a photo of him. Jeez people, its a public park and we are allowed to take photos.
It turned out to be a pretty fun way to spend a sunny day.

Keeping warm in Spring! Mini me pictures!
Keeping warm in Spring! Mini me pictures!
Keeping warm in Spring and stealing some pieces from menswear! G-Star Bomber
G-Star mens bomber | CUE blouse | G-Star mens belt (stolen from the bf) | G-Star jeans | J-Crew pumps


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