Hairstyle #109

hairstyle updo
One of those morning where I had no idea what I wanted to do with my hair, this throws together a bit of everything. Its not an overly complex style but as per usual I ended up using about a million bobby pins.

hairstyle hairstyle hairstyle

Hairstyle #108

a simply braid and ponytail hairstyle
I know this is a little late, but I just realized I never hit publish on this post, better late than never right?

simple hairstyle

This is an easy way to step up a basic pony with a braid. All you need to do is section off the top of your hair and then braid it over your ponytail, the best part if that it means you can’t see the hair tie.
Also How great is this knit?! its so huge and so cozy and full of amazingness, I have a hard time resisting wearing it everyday.
orange oversize knit outfitorange oversize knit outfit

Hairstyle #107

Hairstyle undo lovely little swirls
This hairstyle is simpler than you might think, its just requires quite a bit of hairspray, something than I have now run out of! Do you have a favourite you would recommend?

Hairstyle undo lovely little swirls Hairstyle undo lovely little swirls

Hairstyle #104

Bohemian braids hairstyle on Design Every Day
This one is pretty simple.
First section of the hair at the front and clip out of the way. Now make a second section just behind this and french braid it, secure with a clip or hair-tie. Now make a section of hair on the other side of your head and french braid it around the back of your head. Join the two braids together with a small elastic and the fishtail braid to the end. If you like you can add some curls and your done.

Bohemian braids hairstyle on Design Every Day
Bohemian braids hairstyle on Design Every Day

Hairstyle #103

bouquet of roses braided hairstyle
This was a fun and surprisingly easy hairstyle, its made up of a few dutch braids and lots of bobby pins. Sorry the hair tutorials have been few and far between lately. To those gorgeous ladies that  post tutorials every other week, I have to hand it to you, its a lot of work that goes into photographing and putting together a tutorial. I’m away for most of August but September is going to be full of new content and other surprises. In the meantime please come join in the fun with me on instagram, my username is @designeveryday 

bouquet of roses braided hairstyle