Double-Up Braided Hairstyle Tutorial

double braided hairstyle tutorial

1. Section off the top third of your hair and clip out of the way.
2. Section off the second third of your hair and clip out of the way.
3. Now pull your remaining hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic.
4. Release the middle section of hair. Split it in half, you can pin one side out of the way if you like. Starting just above your ear, lace braid your hair backwards. It’s simply a french braid but you only add hair from the top.
5. Continue the braid most of the another third down your hair.
6. Repeat the same on the other side.
7. Release  the top section of your hair and divide in half. Lace braid to the back of your head, continuing the braid a little way down your hair and then secure with an elastic. Repeat on the other side.
8. Remove the elastics from the top 2 braids and braid them together.
9. Add the second 2 braids to the main braid and continue down a little further then secure with an elastic. You could leave the hairstyle at this point if you like a half down look.
10. Finish it off by pulling all your hair into a ponytail and wrapping with another piece of hair.


Tennis Inspired Style

tennis inspired outfit

I have suddenly found myself in love with the idea of a tennis inspired outfit, I have no idea what prompted this particular take on the sporty chic trend thats been happening. I can’t even play tennis!  Which has me thinking maybe that would be something fun to give a try, although I’m pretty sure I would be awful at it. My hand eye coordination is not my strong point. 

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Keeping warm in Spring! Mini me pictures!

Hello Spring! For the first time I felt like spring was actually here. The sun was shining and it had some warmth to it for once, there was that fresh smell in the air and it was time for ice cream. I have decided that this summer is going to be all about ice cream, I can just feel it. I’m already dreaming up every flavour imaginable. But the question will be, can you make good ice cream without an ice cream maker? I have seen a few recipes around, has anyone got a good one? Or am I going to have to invest in some more kitchen equipment, because you know, my kitchen isn’t overflowing already.

Keeping warm in Spring! Mini me pictures!
When your car is out of action it can feel like there is nothing you can do on a day off, or at least for us it does, as our favourite thing is to drive to somewhere we haven’t been before. So we decided to shake things up a little and look at our local area from a different perspective. Camera in hand, we pretended to be tiny people for a day. And yes we got plenty of strange looks. Some guy even came over and started getting angry because he though Simon was taking a photo of him. Jeez people, its a public park and we are allowed to take photos.
It turned out to be a pretty fun way to spend a sunny day.

Keeping warm in Spring! Mini me pictures!
Keeping warm in Spring! Mini me pictures!
Keeping warm in Spring and stealing some pieces from menswear! G-Star Bomber
G-Star mens bomber | CUE blouse | G-Star mens belt (stolen from the bf) | G-Star jeans | J-Crew pumps


VFW// Gardé Del Avante

Vancouver Fashion Week has kicked off in style, and there certainly isn’t any lack of style in the buzzing audience either.
I headed to the Chinese Cultural centre to catch some of the shows on friday.


Canadian designer Naanafya of Gardé Del Avante  presented a dramatic jewellery collection.Oversized chains, studs and feathers had me craving some serious statement pieces. Even the models had the perfect killer stare.

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Yaletown Shopping

Global Atomic Design Yaletown

Its a magical moments when you stumble upon something great, especially when its been under your nose the whole time! 
Simon and I were wondering around Yaletown, popping in and out of stores and wondering where we should grab a coffee from when we stumbled upon Global Atomic Designs. To be honest I would of walked straight past the place, but simon spotted the G-Star sign AND coffee, so we popped in. We ended up staying long enough to enjoy a latte and try on half the store! There are so many gems in this place plus the coffee is fantastic, even Simon agreed, and he is the coffee snob. The other thing that makes this place memorable is the staff. Lets be honest here, for the most part Vancouver has awful customer service when it comes to retail stores. Seriously guys I’m sick of hearing “I love your (insert item here)” as the opening welcome, have some imagination. Martina and Jarred (sorry if I just got your name wrong, I’m really awful with names!) were chatty and oh so lovely. You should pop in and have a coffee with these guys if your in the area. Don’t be fooled by the confusing shop front and messy store layout, this place is awesome.

Global Atomic Design Yaletown
Global Atomic Design Yaletown

Yaletown Wanderings

Engine 374 Pavilion, Yaletown
It seems like it has been forever since Simon and I had a day off together, so it was extra special to spend St. Patricks day wondering around Yaletown with him.
We checked out the engine thats sitting in the (very cool) roundhouse building. Seriously, look at that grin on Simon’s face. I worry that the next thing I know we will be heading to every railway museum he can find! I’m just kidding!
The engine pulled the first transcontinental train linking the east and west coasts of Canada into Vancouver in May of 1887. There are also some great photos of Vancouver on the walls.

Engine 374 Pavilion, Yaletown
Engine 374 Pavilion, Yaletown
Drawing at the Roundhouse, Yaletown

I then convinced Simon that we should drop into the life drawing session that was going on in conjunction with the Vancouver International Dance Festival (its happening at noon everyday, all week, for anyone that’s interested). Both of us are pretty awful at drawing, but that didn’t stop it from being loads of fun. And I think we both got a little better by our last drawing… ok so maybe only a tiny bit better, but that counts!.

Drawing at the Roundhouse, Yaletown
Yaletown Brewing Co

Then a cold beer to celebrate St. Patrick’s day and enjoy the sunshine. It’s the first time I have felt like spring is on its way, and it was a good feeling thats for sure.

Yaletown Brewing Co