Hiking Joffre Lakes

September 30, 2017
Joffre Lakes Provincial Park B.C Canada

 Hiking shoes are overrated

stop telling me I need a pair!

What’s more enticing than turquoise lakes, epic mountain views and the opportunity to burn some extra calories?!  No much… except maybe the perfect spa day? Continue Reading


Take a Dip at Mystery Lake

September 7, 2017

Take a dip in Mystery Lake | Vancouver Hikes

Take a morning dip along the 

Mystery Lake Hike

A morning hike is a perfect way to beat the crowds and get the day started on a positive note. Mystery Lake hike is the perfect short summer hike that isn’t too far from downtown. 

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What to do in Vancouver

Richmond Night Market

July 27, 2017
Guide to the Richmond Night Market | what to do in Vancouver

Get your foodie fix at

The Richmond Night Market

 Bustling crowds, bright lights and the sounds and smells of endless food choices. Plus this year they have dinosaurs! Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night the Richmond Night Market plays host to over 100 food vendors and an assortment of other shops and games (but we all know we’re here for the food).

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Summer Beach Style

June 29, 2017
Perfect summer beach style with SheIn


Beach More,
Worry Less

Summer is in full swing and for the first time since moving to Vancouver all I want to do is hang out at the beach.

My Canadian tan might be out of control pale, but that’s not going to stop me from enjoying some beach style and jumping on the crop top trend with this flowing and breezy two piece outfit. In my opinion the beach is one of the more appropriate locations for this skin bearing trend (unless you’re a teenager).


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Le MarchΓ© St. George

June 18, 2017


Sunday morning,
rain is falling

The weather forecast and the weather outside couldn’t agree, even with a steady drizzle going google insisted on telling me it was just cloudy. So the original plans got thrown out the window and we cheered ourselves up by heading to one of my favourite cafes, Le MarchΓ© St. George 

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Workout Hairstyle : Dutch Braid Topknot

May 27, 2017

workout hairstyle : dutch braid topknot



This easy workout hairstyle is perfect for any workout. The best part is that if you have bangs you can braid them out of your face. Because we all know nothing feels worse than having hair sticking to your sweaty face! You could easily switch thing up with this style by doing a french braid instead. Continue Reading