Beauty Product Reviews //1

review for laura mercer tinted moisturiser, baby lips, body shop scrub and l'occotain cherry hand cream
I thought it would be fun to to share my thought on the products I have been using, so welcome to my new monthly review section: My Two Cents. Have you used any of the products above? Do you agree or disagree with how I feel about them? Let me know with a comment, I love to hear from you.

The 10 Best Travel Beauty Sets

best travel makeup beauty kits
1. Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit $80
2. Edward Bess Back to Basics Palette $75
3. Too Faced Brow Envy Shaping & Defining Kit $49
4. Smashbox Try It Kit $19
5. BareMinerals Ready To Go Complexion Perfection Palette $49
6. Buxom Passport Collection The Day Tripper Edition $48
7. Dior Celebration Collection $77
8. Laura Mercier The Flawless Face Book $59
9. Dior All in One Makeup Palette $145
10. Jane Iredale Starter Kit $55


Hairstyle #104

Bohemian braids hairstyle on Design Every Day
This one is pretty simple.
First section of the hair at the front and clip out of the way. Now make a second section just behind this and french braid it, secure with a clip or hair-tie. Now make a section of hair on the other side of your head and french braid it around the back of your head. Join the two braids together with a small elastic and the fishtail braid to the end. If you like you can add some curls and your done.

Bohemian braids hairstyle on Design Every Day
Bohemian braids hairstyle on Design Every Day

The best travel skin care

10 best and most stylish travel skin care sets
1. The Body Shop Aloe Starter Kit $25
Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser, Aloe Calming Toner, Aloe Soothing Day Cream and Aloe Soothing Night Cream

2. Somme Institute Mobile Travel Kit $85
Nourishing Cleanser, Transport, Serum, A-Bomb and Double Defense

3. Aesop Boston Travel Kit $75
Classic Shampoo, Classic Conditioner, Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser, Rind Concentrate Body Balm, Fabulous Face Cleanser, B & Tea Balancing Toner, Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream and Mouthwash

4. Dermalogica Skin Kit $38
Special Cleansing Gel, Skin Prep Scrub, Multi-Active Toner, Active Moist and Total Eye Care with SPF15

5. Verso Skincare Travel Series $70
Foaming Cleanser, Day Cream and Night Cream

6. Grown Alchemist Facial Kit $60
Hydra-Repair Day Cream, Watermelon & Vanilla Lip Balm, Anti-Oxidant Treatment Serum, Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser and Balancing Toner

7. Eve Lom Travel Essentials Collection $110
Cleanser, Rescue Mask, TLC Radiance Cream, Morning Time Cleanser and Muslin Cloth

8. S.W.Basics Bestseller Mini Kit $87
Cleanser, Toner, Cream and Makeup Remover

9. Malin + Goetz Essentials Travel Kit  $30
Grapefruit Cleanser, Vitamin E Face Moisturizer, Bergamont Body Wash, Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer, Peppermint Shampoo and Cilantro Conditioner

10. Elemental Herbology Oil Control Starter Kit $42
Cool & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser, Moisture Milk Ultra-light Moisturizer, Facial Detox Purifying Facial Mask, Facial Glow Radiance Peel and a Muslin Facial Cloth

Hairstyle #103

bouquet of roses braided hairstyle
This was a fun and surprisingly easy hairstyle, its made up of a few dutch braids and lots of bobby pins. Sorry the hair tutorials have been few and far between lately. To those gorgeous ladies that  post tutorials every other week, I have to hand it to you, its a lot of work that goes into photographing and putting together a tutorial. I’m away for most of August but September is going to be full of new content and other surprises. In the meantime please come join in the fun with me on instagram, my username is @designeveryday 

bouquet of roses braided hairstyle

Favourite Finds //29

Favourite Finds 29

1. This photo is just to sweet.

2. If you follow me on instagram then you have probably noticed I have been a little obsessed lately! and if you don’t follow me then I would love you if you would head over here and click that lovely little follow button! And you should also check out  THIS account… perfection!

3. I love a good gin & tonic, Iv already been through my share of Bombay and Tanquray this year. The other day I picked up something different, mainly because the packaging was so perfect. Its the American Gin from FEW spirits, and it even comes with the batch and bottle number hand written on the label. It is a sweeter gin, lemon peel and vanilla at the beginning with the classic juniper taste coming through later. I’m sipping on it as I write this!

4. After seeing this before and after from A House in the Hills I was having some serious home envy. Day dreaming.

Berry Picking at Emma Lea Farms

Berry Picking at Emma Lea Farms, Ladner, BC

I love Emma Lea Farms, its gorgeous, the berries are delicious and the ice cream is the best. We came here last year for some blueberry picking and now we are back again this year for some raspberries, blackberries and tayberries.

Berry Picking at Emma Lea Farms, Ladner, BC
Berry Picking at Emma Lea Farms, Ladner, BC
Berry Picking at Emma Lea Farms, Ladner, BC
Berry Picking at Emma Lea Farms, Ladner, BC
Berry Picking at Emma Lea Farms, Ladner, BC

I managed not to get sunburnt and I tasted my first tayberry. Did you know they are a cross between a raspberry and a black berry? I didn’t but they taste exactly like that.
When we got home we made this summer budding, Iv never made anything like it but it was delicious and sooo quick and easy.

Berry Picking at Emma Lea Farms, Ladner, BC


Picnic Time + My favourite Picnic baskets


I love a good picnic… tasty food, a pretty setting, good weather and good company. The other day we headed up Burnaby mountain to enjoy some pasta salad and a cheeky g&t while we watched the sun set over Vancouver.


The one thing I have had my eye out for is a picnic basket, and is it just me or is there a real lack of picnic baskets in stores? I come across one or two here and there but they are either really horrible or outrageously priced. Is it to much to ask for something that is well designed?  
So just in case anyone else is in the market for a picnic basked I have put a few of the ones I have come across below. 
Do you have a picnic basket? and if so please do tell me where you got it from.

stylish picnic baskets

1. The Eco basket is simple looking and an upright basket means no shaken up food, on sale for $130
2. This SunnyLife basket is modern, simple and only $90
3.  If your short on storage space this one from ModCloth packs down small, $45
4. The hastings 4 person basket screams summer picnics and I love the paisley print plus its on sale for $128
5. Love the simple and classic style of this baby, $59
6. This Kate Spade basket is the most adorable of them all, but I’m fairly sure its not longer available, so sad.