Recipes perfect for Valentines Day

 I love themed foods, from Christmas to Easter and everything in between, Valentines day comes fairly high on that list of Favourite holidays… maybe its all the red, pink and hearts or maybe because its just another excuse to eat chocolate and candies.Valentines day breakfast recipes

Egg in a heart | Red Velvet Crepes | Heart Bacon

Who does’t love waking up to a homemade breakfast, bonus points if it’s heart shaped!

perfect valentines dinners

Pink Pasta | Heart Beet Salad | Heart Tarts

A little bit of extra love in your dinner? You can turn almost anything into a heart shape, but here are a few favourites.

valentines day cake recipes

Pink Ombre Heart Cake | Decadent Chocolate Truffle Cake | Red Velvet Cake

These cakes are works of art, deserving of the most special people.

Valentines Day Drinks

Perfectly Pink Hot Chocolate | Moscato Float | The Perfectly Romantic Cocktail

Pink love potions, perfect for valentines day.

Lace Rose half-up Hair Tutorial

lace braid half-up hair tutorial

This style is actually fairly simple but looks impressive and would be perfect for Valentines day, or any occasion really. You will find it easier if you have second day hair rather than freshly washed hair, as freshly washed hair can be quite slippery to work with. Another option is to just add some texturizing spray to give you some grip to work with if you hair is squeaky clean.

1. Back-comb the hair on the crown of your head. The more you backcomb the more volume you will end up with on top. Add hairspray as you back-comb to help hold the volume.

2. Smooth back the section you just backcombed and secure the two hair pins, if you want more volume simply push the hair up into more of a bump. No need to be too fussy about the hair pins as they will be taken out later.

3. Section off the hair just above your ear, if you don’t have a fringe (bangs) you will have a larger section. Start braiding this section.

4. As you braid towards the back of your head add hair only from the top to create a lace braid. As you get closer to the back you will need to release the hair pin so you can incorporate all the hair from the top half of your head.

5. Once you reach the back of your head stop adding hair and braid down to the end of the hair, secure with a small elastic.

6. Repeat the lace braid on the other side.

7. stretch out the hair down the outside side of the braid. it is import ants to only do it to one side as this is what will create the petals of the rose. Work your way up and down the braids until you are happy. I also pulled the part of the braid that runs along my head to create more volume. I pushed up the teased hair again and e added the pins for extra volume (I don’t have much hair at all, so anything to create the illusion of hair is a good thing).

8. To create the rose take your first braid and wrap it into a spiral, making sure the “pulled” side of your braid is on the outside. pin in as many places as you need to make it secure.

9. Take the second braid and wrap it around the outside, securing it hair pins as you go.

10. Take a few moments to adjust and stray hairs and make sure everything is secure then finish with a strong hold hairspray.

If you try this hairstyle I would love to see your photos, you can tag your instgram pics with @designeveryday or if your not the instragrammer type you can email me from the contacts tab. 

Happy Braiding xx

lace braid half-up hair tutorial

Making More Space in a Small Wardrobe

how to create more space in a small wardrobe

Living in small rental apartments means small wardrobes, so here are some easy tips and tricks that don’t require any remodelling to make more space for your shoes and clothes. 

This is a double sided wardrobe, the other half is my boyfriends clothes and I will share that side with you on a later date. You can also check out how I dealt with his rather large denim collection in our last place here.

make the most out of a small wardrobe

All I have done is make some very simple removable shoe shelves at the bottom, and added some plastic tubs from dollarama. I keep things like scarves, belts and hats in the tubs. All up it cost me about $35, which makes it nice and affordable.

You will need: Some wood for the shelves, make sure you take your measurements first (I got mine at home depot). Something to hold the wood together, I used screws. As many plastic tubs as will fit along the top shelf, these I found at Dollarama, Target sells similar ones too but at a much higher price.

1. Take the dimensions for your shoe shelves (Don’t forget to subtract the skirting/baseboards). I chose to leave space at the end with no shelving so that my floor length dresses had space to hang. Make note of how high you you would like each shelf, my bottom shelf is higher than the second one. I good height to go by is the height of your tallest heel. Lastly you need your max depth, however don’t get to caught up on this number as the shelving wood only comes in 2 – 3 widths so you want to work with whats on offer. My bottom shelf is deeper than the top one. If your shelves are long you will also need an extra support in the middle to stop them bending under weight.

2. Now that you have your dimensions dead to the hardware store, pick your wood and have them make the cuts there (trust me, you don’t want to be cutting laminate shelving with a hand saw!)

3. Assembly time. Please don’t judge my craftsman ship here! Remember that I made these shelves knowing that the joins would never really be seen and therefore simply screwed everything together in the quickest and simplest way possible.

4. Place storage tubs on top shelf and ta-da, your hard work has paid off. Now for the fun part of working out which order your shoes should be placed in!

DIY shoe shelves, creating more storage space

Hot Pink in Yaletown | Outfit of the Day

Hot Pink Stockings and oversized grey scarf Outfit in Yaletown, VancouverHot Pink Stockings and oversized grey scarf Outfit in Yaletown, Vancouver

Coloured stockings used to be my wardrobe staple, so I thought it would be fun to pull out these hot pink stockings to match the vibrance of the day. Especially since a blue sky in Vancouver winter is always cause for celebration.

colour quote -if you're feeling blueHot Pink Stockings and oversized grey scarf Outfit in Yaletown, Vancouver

Styling Tips

Bright tights are an easy way to add a pop of colour to any outfit. I like to keep it simple by wearing them with a a black or grey dress and then balancing out the colour with matching or complimentary coloured accessories. Like my matching hot pink lipstick and my complimentary neon yellow nails.
However you style them, have fun and own the look.

Hot Pink Stockings and oversized grey scarf Outfit in Yaletown, Vancouver
hot pink lipstick, neon yellow nails and a grey scarf
yaletown, Vancouver

Outfit Details

Lipstick: Too Faced Melted in Fuchsia | Nails: OPI 
Scarf: Joe Fresh | Coat: Diesel
Tights: Joe Fresh | Bag: Kate Spade


How To Make Your Day Better in 5 Steps

How To Make Your Day Better… Feeling blue? uninspired? Like you want to crawl back into bed? We all have those days, but each day is special and it would be a shame to wast one, so here is how to make your day better in 5 steps. No matter if it is morning, afternoon or night, take a moment to do these 5 things and give your mood a boost so you can do something with your day.

1. turn up the tunes

1. Pick your favourite upbeat tunes and turn up the volume.

Music affects your mood, so no deep brooding songs and save the heavy metal for another time. Just as music affects us, so does the weather, now we can’t turn on the sunshine but we can turn on a light or make a room feel cozy. So set an atmosphere that you want to be in, this also includes getting the lighting right and maybe even lighting a candle or spraying a room scent… light, sound and scent.

How To Make Your Day Better in 5 Steps

2. Get your blood pumping and your heart racing.

Just 10 star jumps will do the trick to get your heart rate up . It is very well know that exercise causes the release of chemicals in the brain, that ease pain and lift spirits. So try to do some sort of exercise every day. There are plenty of great workouts you can follow along with on youtube or go for a brisk walk or run. But for a quick boost, 10 star jumps is perfect.

How To Make Your Day Better in 5 Steps

3. Eat

Your car needs fuel to work and so do you. Make yourself a quick healthy snack, a bowl of fruit or a smoothie is perfect… put down that junk food!

How To Make Your Day Better in 5 Steps

4. Make someone else’s day better

A simple act of kindness can make you feel better about yourself, so go out of your way to spread the love. It can be as simple as writing a thoughtful comment on someones blog or going all out with a surprise for someone special. Anything big or small can make someone else’s day.

5. write a list of gratitude

5. Gratitude

Don’t forget about how lucky YOU are. If you are reading this then you are lucky enough to have accesses to or own and electronic device… now think about what else you have (not just materialistic things… having health, family and friends are all things you might be lucky enough to have).  Make a list of 5 things you are grateful for.

There, done! Now that you know how to make your day better you have no excuse, go do something with your day. And don’t forget to smile :)

I love hearing from you, let me know how your day is going…

Hairstyle #109

hairstyle updo
One of those morning where I had no idea what I wanted to do with my hair, this throws together a bit of everything. Its not an overly complex style but as per usual I ended up using about a million bobby pins.

hairstyle hairstyle hairstyle

Quarry Rock Hike

Quarry Rock Hike, North Vancouver

It’s about time we headed out on a leisurely sunday walk. The weather today was a balmy 11 and Simon’s broken shoulder is healing well, so pretty much perfect conditions to get some fresh outdoor air.

We headed to the Quarry Rock Hike in Deep Cove (the full trail details are here, for anyone interested). What a charming area this is, I certainly plan on at least a few more visits to this area over the summer.

Quarry Rock Hike, North Vancouver Quarry Rock Hike, North VancouverQuarry Rock Hike, North VancouverQuarry Rock Hike, North Vancouver

This trail is gorgeous, and I love all the bridges and stairs and the fact that you get a reward in the form of an amazing view at the end makes it even better. 

Quarry Rock Hike, North VancouverQuarry Rock Hike, North Vancouver

Baléa Brightening Sheet Mask Review

Baléa Brightening Sheet Mask Review

I have been on quite a mission to review all the sheet masks I can find, searching for the perfect one. Baléa is sold exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart (hint: you can often find this brand on sale). This is the first non asian brand sheet mask I have tried and reviewed, so lets see how it compares…

This brightening mask promises to moisturize you skin while brightening and treating dark spots.

The packaging. These are sold in a box which contains 5 sheet masks each in their own foil packaging. The packaging is very… drugstore. Which is fine as it is a drugstore product but there is nothing fun or fancy about it and the packaging certainly wasn’t the reason I purchased This product.

Baléa Brightening Sheet Mask Review

The Sheet is fairly standard, slightly on the thicker side and a medium size. I prefer it when the eye cutouts are actually removed rather than left hanging there as they are on this mask. The sheet itself is drenched in serum but there isn’t any excess in the package. The serum is a little sticky.

The Scent is faint, I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, strangely the first thing I thought of was some sort of natural insect repellant mixed with citrus. I love it when products have a lovely fragrance but I guess barely there fragrance is better than awful in your face scent.

Baléa Brightening Sheet Mask Review

The effects: My skin is just recovering from a very bad breakout so I hoped this mask would help. I left it on for about 25 minutes (5 minutes more than suggested as I got distracted by researching the ingredient list of this mask). In the first 5 minutes there was some slight tingling on my skin, however I am guessing this was just in the spots where I had picked a little at my acne (Don’t worry about telling me off for that, I have already had a stern word with myself about picking at things!). The mask was starting to feel a lot drier when I got around to removing it and what (small) amount of the serum was left sunk into my skin within seconds, and left my skin feeling tacky for only a few minutes. My skin felt hydrated and refreshed after this mask which was really nice. Even though none of my spots had lightened the rough dry skin around them looked hydrated and more even. There wan’t any significant visual differences before and after applying this mask except that my skin felt refreshed and hydrated. 

Would I buy it again? Although I enjoyed using this mask I won’t be buying it again as there are other options that give better effects for a lower cost.

Sunset Seawall Walks

Vancouver Seawall walk with north face chilkat boots

I am doing my best to make use of the location of our new apartment, being just a few blacks back from the gorgeous sea wall walk  is amazing. Since moving here I have started running, been going on fast walks with Simon and am very much looking forwards to picnic dinners on the grass when summer arrives.

Vancouver Seawall walknorth face chilkat boots outfit

I love catching the sunset on my walks or runs, at the moment it is setting at about 4:30 so more like an afternoon walk than our summertime evening walks. Not matter what day it is the seawall is always bustling with plenty of people, a mix of tourists, people walking their dogs and plenty of people going for a run. Once we hit Denman St a quick detour to grab a snack from Ayoubs Fruit and Nut shop is a must, this time we arrived just as some fresh roasted  lime and saffron nuts were being put out. They were still warm and sooo delicious.

the best snackwinter walks outfit

Check out those boots! A bit excessive for a leisurely walk, I know. But it was their first trip outside the house and I wanted to break them in. Waterproof and insulated… my toes are going to be toasty. They are the North Face Chilkat boots, so far I love them.

Sunset portrait on the beach in VancouverG-star raw outfit

Hairstyle #108

a simply braid and ponytail hairstyle
I know this is a little late, but I just realized I never hit publish on this post, better late than never right?

simple hairstyle

This is an easy way to step up a basic pony with a braid. All you need to do is section off the top of your hair and then braid it over your ponytail, the best part if that it means you can’t see the hair tie.
Also How great is this knit?! its so huge and so cozy and full of amazingness, I have a hard time resisting wearing it everyday.
orange oversize knit outfitorange oversize knit outfit